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Hi I'm doing an installer, using wix v3. I have two installers. I installed my app with the first one and then I want to update it with the second installer. I think that I'm missing something since I cannot install the product and then run an update (with other installer), If I execute the same version, I could see the maintenance windows, it recognize that the product is installed. The problem is with other versions.

I think that these could be because of the value of the Installed property. What thing should I do to have these property set correcty? I'm installing the product for all users... What could be wrong? Thanks in advance, Sonia

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See How to implement Wix installer upgrade which provides a number of detailed examples.

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Did you set your WIX project to be able to detect it's an Upgrade ? Have a look at the upgrade part of the basic WIX Tutorials

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I have already done it. It works for the same product Id, but when I change the product Id, it recognize the upgrade code ((I'm sure of that because I set a property), but the Installed property is set as false. I will use a property to notice the different version, something related to the last answer. Thanks!

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