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I'm using JPA with hibernate and an Oracle DB (oracle 11.2 xe). I'm trying to save a big number but what gets saved in the DB isn't the big number I entered.

I have a column where I want to store a big decimal number mapped like this:

@Column(name = "INVOICE_AMOUNT", precision = 25, scale = 2, nullable = false)
private BigDecimal amount;

In the DB the column was created like this:


The problem is when I'm trying to store the number "19999979998000000". Just before I do the persist I debugged the field and it says:

amount = {java.math.BigDecimal@13204}"1.9999979998E+16"

But in the DB the value that is stored is 20...


jpa 1.0

What am I doing wrong?

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Upgrading to ojdbc14 version solves the problem (I think its fixed in

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