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Possible Duplicate:
Javascript Regexp dynamic generation?

I am trying to create a new RegExp with a variable; however, I do not know the sytax to do this. Any help would be great!

I need to change this: ( RegExp(/Josh Gonzalez/i)) != -1) change it to this: ( RegExp(/q/i)) != -1). I basically need to replace the "josh" with the variable q ~ var q = $( 'input[name="q"]' ).val();

Thanks for the help

$( 'form#search-connections' )
    .submit( function( event )
        var q = $( 'input[name="q"]' ).val();

        console.log( _json );

        $.each( _json, function(i, v) {


            if ( RegExp(/Josh Gonzalez/i)) != -1) {

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Like so:

new RegExp(q + " Gonzalez", "i");

Using the / characters is how to define a RegExp with RegExp literal syntax. To create a RegExp from a string, pass the string to the RegExp constructor. These are equivalent:

var expr = /Josh Gonzalez/i;
var expr = new RegExp("Josh Gonzalez", "i");

The way you have it you are passing a regular expression to the regular expression constructor... it's redundant.

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Hmmm. When I first posted my answer, your answer didn't have the same code as my answer (thus why I posted) and now you do. Interesting... – jfriend00 Oct 19 '11 at 23:51
Ya, I usually edit my answers a few times in the first couple of minutes after I first post. Post, re-read question, double-check answer, make corrections, repeat until I'm satisfied. I don't want to be too slow, but I also want to be accurate. You must've seen my original post before I got my edits in. – gilly3 Oct 19 '11 at 23:55
This worked great! Here is the finally code: var q = $( 'input[name="q"]' ).val(), r = new RegExp( q, 'i'); $.each( _json, function(i, v) { if ( != -1) { alert(; return; } }); – Oct 20 '11 at 3:22

You just need to build the string you want using string addition and pass it to the RegExp constructor like this:

var q = $( 'input[name="q"]' ).val();
var re = new RegExp(q + " Gonzalez", "i");
if ( != -1) {
    // do your stuff here
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