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I am getting the following exception when I try to compile the attached groovy class with the latest snapshoot of grails. I d/l off of the build server today. The key comment in the exception is: If this is not your own doing, please report this bug to the writer of the transform.


/u01/workspace/grails/grails-spring-social-core/grails-app/domain/grails/plugins/springsocial/UserConnection.groovy: -1: A transform used a generics containing ClassNode grails.plugins.springsocial.UserConnection for the method public static grails.plugins.springsocial.UserConnection create() { ... }
directly. You are not suppposed to do this. Please create a new ClassNode refering to the old ClassNode and use the new ClassNode instead of the old one. Otherwise the compiler will create wrong descriptors and a potential NullPointerException in TypeResolver in the OpenJDK. If this is not your own doing, please report this bug to the writer of the transform.

So this looks like a couple of reported grails bugs, but they where dismissed as a bug in a plugin. Is this a grails problem or a groovy problem??

This talks about that is may be a groovy bug ... but this is way over my head.

What is the root cause of this? Again is this a problem with the grails transform or is this a groovy compiler exception? The following class is what I am trying to compile:

package grails.plugins.springsocial

import groovy.transform.EqualsAndHashCode

class UserConnection implements Serializable {

    String userId
    String providerId
    String providerUserId
    String displayName
    String profileUrl
    String imageUrl
    String accessToken
    String secret
    String refreshToken
    Long rank
    Long expireTime

    static constraints = {
        userId nullable: false
        providerId nullable: false
        providerUserId nullable: false
        displayName nullable: true
        profileUrl nullable: true
        imageUrl nullable: true
        accessToken nullable: false
        secret nullable: true
        refreshToken nullable: true
        rank nullable: false
        expireTime nullable: true

    static mapping = {
        table "UserConnection"
        version false

        id composite:['userId', 'providerId', 'providerUserId']

        userId column:'userId',length:64
        providerId column:'providerId',length:128
        providerUserId column:'providerUserId',length:128
        displayName column:'displayName'
        profileUrl column:'profileUrl'
        imageUrl column:'imageUrl'
        accessToken column:'accessToken'
        secret column:'secret'
        refreshToken column:'refreshToken'
        rank column:'rank'
        expireTime column:'expireTime'

Thanks for the help!

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What version of Grails? EqualsAndHashCode has only been in since Groovy 1.8.0, and Grails 1.3.7 is on Groovy 1.7 isn't it? – tim_yates Oct 20 '11 at 10:07
The latest 2.0 snap off of the build server. This is a 1.8.3 groovy issue. I downgrade to 1.8.2 to get arround this. – chrislovecnm Oct 20 '11 at 15:30
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This ended up being a Groovy 1.8.3 issue. I downgraded to 1.8.2 and no longer had the issue.

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