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I have a repository directory under .m2 that I want to use as a remote repository (-Dmaven.repo.remote=http://remotehostname/repo) to other hosts. I tried just to expose the directory .m2/repository/ under Apache as http://remotehostname/repo, the directory is fully visible via HTTP, but Maven doesn't seem to be reading from the exposed repo. For various reasons, I do not want to add this new remote repo to settings.xml; limit it to -Dmaven.repo.remote

What do I need to do to convert a local repo under .m2 as a remote repo?

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Further to @Perception's answer, you can look at Nexus Command Line tool, which can help convert your local repo to nexus repo

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I haven't heard of any maven repository manager that can simply mirror your .m2 folder (which is just a local repository). You need to install and configure repository management software ... there are many free, open source ones, I recommend Artifactory or Nexus.

Nexus does fit very closely with your requirements since it uses a file based repository, and the file layout matches with the local repo layout.

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