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On Windows 7 I can access a SharePoint folder from Windows Explorer using the following path:


Using the System.IO.Directory class (.Net 4.0 SP1), I can enumerate all directories and files for the same path as follows:

string path = @"\\myhost@myport\DavWWWRoot\MyFolder"

foreach (string dir in Directory.EnumerateDirectories(path))
    // Do something

foreach (string filename in Directory.EnumerateFiles(path))
    // Do something

The above does not work for me on Windows XP - both Windows Explorer and the System.IO.Directory class do not appear to work for the same path. On Windows 7 Directory.Exists(path) returns true. On Windows XP it returns false.

Should I be using a different syntax for the path on Windows XP?

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Built-in support for WebDAV in XP is very limited (if exists at all), so it's a good idea to use a specialized WebDAV client component.

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