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I got the following php code that currently process a txt file with data that looks like this per line (Animals > Pet Supplies > Bird Supplies) and I'm reformatting this to use it with my database.

What I'd like to do is save the output data to a CSV or TXT file instead or printing it in my browser as it currently does. Notice that I have 3 print sections within the script.

Any help or advise will be much appreciated.


//read and process txt.txt
$file_handle = fopen("txt.txt", "rb");

$j = 0;

while (!feof($file_handle)){

    $line = fgets($file_handle);

    $parts = explode('>', $line);

    if(count($parts) == 1 ){

        $parts[0] = trim($parts[0]);

        $db[$j] = array("CatName"=>$parts[0], "CatID"=>$j+1, "PID"=>0, "Level"=>1);

        print $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";

    } else {

        $i =0;

        $no = count($parts);

        $t = $no-1;

        while($t != -1){

            $parts[$t] = trim( $parts[$t] );

            $t = $t-1;

        $k = $j-1;

        while( $i != $j){

            while($k > -1){

                if( strcmp($parts[$i], $db[$k]["CatName"]) == 0 ){

                    $flag = 1;


                $k = $k-1;


            if($flag == 1){

                if(strcmp($parts[$no-2], $db[$i]["CatName"]) == 0){

                    $found = $i;



            $i = $i+1;


        if($flag == 1){

            $db[$j] = array("CatName"=>$parts[$no-1], "CatID"=>$j+1, "PID"=>$db[$found]["CatID"], "Level"=>$no);

            print $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";


        if($flag == 0 && $no == 1){

            $db[$j] = array("CatName"=>$parts[$no-1], "CatID"=>$j+1, "PID"=>0, "Level"=>$no);

            print $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";



    $j = $j+1;

    $flag = 0;



BTW: I have already used stings to replaced the print statements and then save their outputs to my csv file, but it wont work, it only returns empty values. Example used:

//print $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";
$csv_data .= $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";
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See output buffering. –  Jared Farrish Oct 20 '11 at 3:02
will look into it, however the page does not give a good example on how to use Output Control properly –  luiavag Oct 20 '11 at 11:45

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If all you want to do is take what this script currently outputs and save it, you can either use output buffering as Jared Farrish mentioned, or replace your print statements with statements concatenating to a string variable.

For example, you could declare an empty string like this:

$output = '';

... and then replace each print statement with a concatenation assignment like .=:

// Instead of:
print $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";

// Replace with:
$output .= $db[$j]["CatName"]."\t".$db[$j]["CatID"]."\t".$db[$j]["PID"]."\t".$db[$j]["Level"]."\r\n";
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Thanks for the answer Jonathan, I have already used stings to replaced the print statements, but it wont work, it only returns empty values –  luiavag Oct 20 '11 at 11:43
Hmm, that's strange. So at the end of the code, $csv_data is still empty? Are you initializing it before use? –  Jonathan Chan Oct 20 '11 at 23:30

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