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$token_url = ""
    . $app_id . "&redirect_uri=" . urlencode($my_url) 
    . "&client_secret=" . $app_secret 
    . "&code=" . $code;

What is supposed to be the redirect_uri? I tried using this


but it returned with this error

   "error": {
      "message": "Error validating verification code.",
      "type": "OAuthException"

Need help, Thanks in advance.

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I also tried using but same error – user1004404 Oct 20 '11 at 3:37
nvm, solved, the redirect_uri must be the same as the one in the authorize 1 – user1004404 Oct 20 '11 at 4:58

First i will answer what your Redirect Url should be

Go to your Facebook application dashboard

Select you application from the accordion menu to the left of the page. enter image description here

There is a Value for Canvas URL(here it is 'http://localhost:7124' which point to a local server. )

The redirect url must be a url within this url(site). ie something like 'http://localhost:7124/home.aspx' or 'http://localhost:7124/main/home.aspx'

To get an access token follow the below steps

Issue a request to

This will provide you with a user authentication code(CODE) to denote that the user is signed in.

Then with this code issue a request to

which will provide you the access token in the format access_token=ACCESSTOKEN to the redirect url you have specified.

NOTE: Redirect Url must be a path inside the Canvas Url of the Facebook application and these requests should be submitted from the same domain pointed by the Canvas Url

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Hey Robin, what to do after you get access_token? I am using MVC 3.0. Point is, 'I am sitting at different domain( not mine, so how do I make use of that?' – Anubhav Saini Apr 7 '12 at 9:01

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