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Im using wallpaper script in my site and it need ImageMagic or Gdlibrary to be installed on server.Server path should be usr/bin/imagemagic or usr/bin/gdlibrary. those scripts must be intalled by server administration but when i informed them they say currently they do not install other scripts/softwares on the server! Now i want to know is there any way to install without using usr/bin path. Is there any way to intall it myself i have access to ftp but there's no path called usr/bin..please help me! Thank You!

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This would probably be better placed on SU, as it seems like your best bet lies with command line tools like chroot(8). –  ladenedge Oct 20 '11 at 4:16

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compile the source code yourself, and specify the --prefix=/the/path/you/want

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