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The shared library classes CDLL, OleDLL, WinDLL each take the use_errno parameter. So do the function prototypes, CFUNCTYPE, WINFUNCTYPE. When and to which group do I pass use_errno=True and why?

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Here's the bug tracker for it's inclusion:

This patch adds new calling conventions to ctypes foreign functions by passing 'errno=True' or 'GetLastError=True' to the CDLL or WinDLL constructor.

If CDLL(..., errno=True) or WinDLL(..., errno=True) is used, the function objects available in the CDLL or WinDLL instance will set the C global errno to zero before the actual call, and attach the C global errno value after the call as 'errno' attribute to the function object. This attribute is stored in thread-local storage.

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This doesn't really clear up the difference. I used this feature initially and it doesn't work without also being used on the function prototypes, so the difference is critical to answering this question. – Matt Joiner Oct 23 '11 at 22:45

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