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I'm have a web site running under a SSL Certificate signed with companyA one of the pages I have a frameset with reference to pageA.htm under my web site an external reference to another site under a different SSL certificate signed by companyB on a differnt machine.

I get a error on the second page becasue were using 2 different SSL certs.

<frameset cols="50%,50%">
<frame src="test.htm" />
<frame src="https://www.passports.gov.au/Web/index.aspx" />

Does anyone know how to aviod this error? Would getting a DUAL SSL cert fix this problem


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No; you'll need to find a different design for this. –  Jeremy McGee Oct 20 '11 at 5:32
Normally this should not be a problem, given that both certificates are valid and all resources are accessed via HTTPS and not plain HTTP. What exactly error are you getting? –  Eugene Mayevski 'EldoS Corp Oct 20 '11 at 6:38

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