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I have a button which I want to use for selecting all checkboxes in my datatable.


<webuijsf:button actionExpression="#{user$recentreports.selectAllButton_action}" text="#{msg.report_select_all}"/>

<webuijsf:checkbox binding="#{user$recentreports.selectCB}" valueChangeListenerExpression="#{user$recentreports.selectSingleCBEvent}" id="selectCB" toolTip="#{msg.report_select}"/>


public void selectAllButton_action(){
System.out.println("select all button is clicked");// OK
System.out.println("selectCB.getValue()" + selectCB.getValue()); //outputs: selectCB.getValue()null
System.out.println("selectCB.getValue()" + selectCB.getValue()); //outputs: selectCB.getValue()true|

selectSingleCBEvent is collecting the row numbers of this checkbox to delete them afterwards. I want to select all checkboxes and delete the corresponding reports. When I click on the button, selectedCB's selected attribute turns to true, but in my form I can not see the change. I tried adding

FacesContext.getCurrentInstance( ).renderResponse( );

but still not working. Does anyone have any opinion about this case? Thanks in advance.

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Have you rerender the datatable after button action ? – kinkajou Oct 20 '11 at 6:19
when the button is clicked request goes and feedback is received, so the page is rendered again. Do I still need rerendering of the datatable? – lamostreta Oct 20 '11 at 6:28

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