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How to use regular expression in Fitnesse for making a decision when decision string contains static text and dynamic text? I am interested in matching dynamic text with regexp?

I am using Decision table in slim test system and wants to match dynamic part of response in decision column against a regexp. My fixture code is written in Java.

I have tried below Fitnesse test but it didn't work. In this test, Java fixture method validLink() returns a string output, in which value of Token and clientId are random (with combination of a to z and 1 to 9) and dynamic. I want to apply regexp for these dynamic values.

!define TEST_SYSTEM {slim}
!path c:/fitnesse/myfixture.jar

|terminal_id|videoclip_id|valid link?|

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Manish Bansal
Social Coding @ AspiroTV / github.com/AspiroTV

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You are really close. The annotation for regex in goes around the entire contents of the cell, not just the regular expression part.

I have't tested this, but I believe the follwing will work

|terminal_id|videoclip_id|valid link?|
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