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I'v done quite a bit of R&D on creating static libraries in iOS and came across some well written blogs. I followed this link and also this to create a static library. I have follwed the steps specified in those blogs i.e, i added all the implementation files(.m) to the static library and deleted them from the main target etc... But, i am getting around 700 erros (which is quite bizarre) when i try to build the code. i am posting a screenshot of my errors here.. Is there anything that i am missing here or doing wrong?

enter image description here

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Please check the imported Header files.

The .m files, which have these errors, may have the same imported files.

Maybe a semi-comma or parentheses is missing or used incorrectly.

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all these .m files have some imported classes. What should i do with them? –  A for Alpha Oct 20 '11 at 12:23

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