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Im new to HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP, and JSTL.

I have a simple JSP page using JSTL as my tag library. When I used javascript to get all the values of the a row by clicking all I can get are the values of the first row even when I click the 2nd, 3rd, or nth row. I want to get only the row I clicked.

in my javascript:

<script type="text/javascript" >
function getTblContents() {
 var pName = document.getElementById("pName").innerHTML;
 var pAddress = document.getElementById("pAddress").innerHTML;
 var pEmail = document.getElementById("pEmail").innerHTML;

 alert(pName + " " + pAddress + " " + pEmail);

my jstl code:

<c:forEach var="people" items="${}" varStatus="status">
 <tr onMouseOver="this.className='highlight'" onMouseOut="this.className='normal'" onclick="getTblContents();" >
  <td id="pName" >${}</td>
  <td id="pAddress" >${people.address}</td>
  <td id="pEmail" >${}</td>

the javascript and jsp are on the same page.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Every id must be unique in html, it is restriction that html sets. So you should add some uniqe identifier to ids ie. and past that id to javascript function.

<script type="text/javascript" >
    function getTblContents(id) {
      var pName = document.getElementById("pName-"+id).innerHTML;
      var pAddress = document.getElementById("pAddress-"+id).innerHTML;
      var pEmail = document.getElementById("pEmail-"+id).innerHTML;

      alert(pName + " " + pAddress + " " + pEmail);

<c:forEach var="people" items="${}" varStatus="status">
       <tr onMouseOver="this.className='highlight'" onMouseOut="this.className='normal'" onclick="getTblContents('${}');" >
           <td id="pName-${}" >${}</td>
           <td id="pAddress-${}" >${people.address}</td>
           <td id="pEmail-${}" >${}</td>
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Thanks man.. You saved my life!!! – NinjaBoy Oct 20 '11 at 12:43

The document.getElementById($ID) will return the first element in the dom with the specified id(the first row of your table).
You could try

<tr onMouseOver="this.className='highlight'" onMouseOut="this.className='normal'"   onclick="getTblContents(this);" > 

and refer to the "this" element instead. like:

var pname = this.pname;


var pname = this.pname.innetHTML;

in the javascript. and see if that returns the right row of the table

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