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I need to create an input that looks uses autoSuggest to lookup my friends list and send their 'facebook id' to a Django/Python script. I've completes this without a hitch.


BUT, what to do with this 'facebook id' array on the other side.

Is it possible to loop though this list to invite these users to use a 'Facebook App'?

Thanks in advance.

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Canna be done I'm guessing? How does FB assume we get around this if the old school embedded method is looking to be ditched soon. Hmm? – Danny Moss Oct 21 '11 at 6:12

The common way to achieve this kind of behaviour is using the Requests Dialog, easy, client side javascript implementation. You can read about it in the official facebook docs:

If you want you can call a callback js function after dialog completes handling user input to record what the user did and send it back (via ajax) to your app.

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