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I am using AJAX with prototypejs. Now I want to use browser's back/forward button to redirect to already visited AJAX links. I found this plugin but I don't know which file I have to include in my project and from where to start. I am using following prototypejs code for AJAX requests with JSON response.

function ajaxRequest(url) {

parent.location.hash = url;

new Ajax.Request( url, {

      method: 'get',
      onSuccess: function( transport ) {

        // get json response
        var json = transport.responseText.evalJSON( true );

        for(var id in json) {
            $(id).innerHTML = json[id];
    onFailure: function() {         
        alert('Error with AJAX request.'); 

return false;

Any idea ?


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You can use Really Simple History. You route your ajax calls through a hidden iframe that in-turn calls them from the parent page. When the user presses BACK it makes the iframe go back, therefore executing the prior ajax call.

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written in 2007!!! –  Awan Oct 20 '11 at 14:20
Yup, Prototype is even older than that. –  Diodeus Oct 20 '11 at 14:22

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