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I have hashtable with key and values and in my code I am iterating hashtable through values like below :

foreach (Object clientObject in ClientList.Values)
    // code to perform operation based on value

Where ClientList is hashtable. Now I want to get key of perticualar value from hashtable in my code. is there any way to achieve that ?


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You have to iterate through the table in this way:

        Hashtable clientList = new Hashtable();

        foreach (DictionaryEntry dictionaryEntry in clientList)
            // work with value.

            // work with key.
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Thanks, I think your way of iteration is better to solve my problem. – Upendra Chaudhari Oct 24 '11 at 11:38

If you want the list of keys that have a certain value, using LINQ (.NET >= 3.5)

object searchedValue = something;

IEnumerable<object> keys = ClientList.Cast<DictionaryEntry>().Where(p => ClientList.Values == searchedValue).Select(p => p.Key);

This probably isn't what you wanted, but it's what you asked.

(the code means: take all the elements of ClientList (each element is a "tuple" of key and value) and search the one(s) that has the value equal to the searched value. Take the keys of those elements.

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Thanks. We can get key using linq as like your code. but better I iterate hashtable like way mentioned by Fischermaen. – Upendra Chaudhari Oct 24 '11 at 11:39

Its not possible to get the Key by using the value.

One of the reason is key are unique and Value are not unique in the HashTable.

You can use @Fischermaen way to read the value.

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