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Pipe in C UNIX shell

I was trying to create a pipe between 2 child process: Child1 closes input and outputs to pipe Child2 closes output and accepts input:

        pipe(&fd[0]);                               //Create a pipe
        proc1 = fork();

        //Child process 1
        if (proc1 ==  0)
            close(fd[0]);                           //process1 doenst need to read from pipe
            dup2(fd[1], STD_OUTPUT);
            execvp(parameter[0], parameter);        //Execute the process

        //Create a second child process
            //Child process 2
            proc2 = fork();
            if (proc2 == 0)
                dup2(fd[0], STD_INPUT);
                execvp(parameter2[0], parameter2);
            //Parent process
            waitpid(-1, &status, 0);            //Wait for the child to be done

However, I am going wrong somewhere and I don't know exactly where (there aren't any errors, its more of a logic error)

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The pipe is backwards. fd[1] is for writing, fd[0] is for reading.

Side note: pipe(&fd[0]); looks a little weird... pipe(fd); is equivalent, but (to my eyes) clearer.

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so dup2(fd[1], STD_OUTPUT) should be: dup2(fd[1], STD_INPUT)? –  user1003749 Oct 20 '11 at 7:14
Yes, although you can use the predefined macros STDIN_FILENO and STDOUT_FILENO. –  Dietrich Epp Oct 20 '11 at 7:21

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