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I like WYSIWYG, I don't like Markup Langage in Wiki engine. Why we use it? what we gain?

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I came to the conclusion that the MediaWiki markup is one nasty tar-pit of ill-structured unspecified php mess with millions of hard coded corner cases. It is so sad that is not even funny. The "dangerous html"-argument is bull****, we have high-powerd xml/html parser to handle this, what we dont have are proper grammars and parsers for the mediawiki "markup". –  sleeplessnerd Oct 25 '11 at 15:54

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This way you can filter out any potentially dangerous html tags, what remains cannot be executed in a database query or in an HTML output. Giving it out in an HTML page, you have full control of how the tags should be written.

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Avoidance against cross site scripting issue and other such related issue that can occur due to exposing all the complete HTML vocab

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They're a simple way to define data and usually easy to manipulate.

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