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Hi I have an rails application & I want to build an API for the same.I have never worked on API building so far. So please tell me from where should I start to build an API. I want to make it public so that developers can build application using my API. I have two questions in my mind

  1. How should I generate & assign app key & app secret to an application
  2. I know that for secure API access I have to use OAuth.
  3. I have read following links & tutorials but I am not getting it how to implement it.

I tried to run demo at here but only part is working but I am unable to run client part.

Please guide me in detail to learn this stuff. Thanks in advance...!

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check this out . render any random secrets you may want in a few possible methods.

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Any suugestion & help to implement oauth provider & client? –  madyrockss Oct 21 '11 at 10:49

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