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I use this plugin for jQuery:

I would like add or modify this for add function live(), because now doesn't working with use Ajax.

all code:

start in 47 line:

        tooltip: function(settings) {
                settings = $.extend({}, $.tooltip.defaults, settings);
                return this.each(function() {
                                $.data(this, "tooltip", settings);
                                this.tOpacity = helper.parent.css("opacity");
                                // copy tooltip into its own expando and remove the title
                                this.tooltipText = this.title;
                                // also remove alt attribute to prevent default tooltip in IE
                                this.alt = "";

probably here must change mouseover(save) and add live(), but how?

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I assume you mean it doesn't work with the ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit?

If so I used Sys.Application.add_load() to attach my tooltips instead of jQuery $(document).ready().

The difference between the two is add_load is also called for partial postbacks (e.g. UpdatePanels) so your tooltips are reattached correctly.

See Dave Ward: $(document).ready() and pageLoad() are not the same!

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no, i use Ajax with PHP – Paul Attuck Oct 20 '11 at 9:18

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