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Let's assume I have some sort of user data, like list of user messages and some metadata (coordinates and etc.)

Right now I have to expose some API for Android clients to get/filter user data. So I am wondering what are the best practices to do that? Should I use WCF Data Services, REST WCF or Atom Feed WCF? or something else? What I need is to create really easy to use API (which is supported by some libraries) in terms of developing for Android clients and for other mobile platform in the future, like WP7.


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I personally find it easier to consume JSon APIs – L.B Oct 20 '11 at 8:24

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This can be done using KSoap2.

See this tutorial:

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As Dyonisos said ksoap2, and in the server side ASP.NET web services, it should do the job. BTW there is a lot of examples on the Internet for using those two techs.

How to call a .NET web service from android?

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