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How can I validate some string if this is the rule:

- can be empty
- if not empty -> max length: 30

I know this two ways:




but is there a way NOT to use IgnoreNulls or Composition.Or (have problems: Entlib5 Validation [IgnoreNull] throws exception while adding objects to list)

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Composition.And and IgnoreNulls is also NotSupported SOLVED (it was obvious) : if i set private field like this:private string _address = string.Empty, then [IgnoreNulls] or [ValidationComposition]+[NotNullValidator] are not needed. –  davor Oct 20 '11 at 13:43

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I've solved this issue. I couldn't use Composition, NotNull or IgnoreNull validators. What I did is:

private string _address = string.Empty; // IMPORTANT!

[StringLengthValidator(30, "Max. 30 chars")]
public string Address {
    get { return _address; }
    set { _address = value; }

Now, in first call field _address is not null, it's empty string and IgnoreNulls annotation is now not needed. StringLengthValidator now checks only if Address is <=30 characters.

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