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I intend to start 3 activities in a chain (like from main open Activities A, B and then C, which will be visible for the user), but I wasn't able to find some way how to do that in Android. Do not ask me why, I just have to do that for restoring my application state, where is was before.

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Ok, I have tried opening activities in For cycle, but they aren't opened properly. They are chained, but recreated only when I press back button and they display to me. I need some solution which leads to: open A, if A is opened check if needs to open B -> YES, open B, check if needs to open C -> YES, open C, no need to open another activity -> FINISH

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Override the onResume-method in each activity. Add the check and the start of the activity there.

public void onResume() {
  if( condition )
    startActivity( intentForTheNextActivity );

Where condition is whatever condition you might have (in your example if B should be started, C should be started etc.) and intentForTheNextActivity is the intent for the following activity in the chain (e.g. if now in A, the intent is for B etc.).

I'm having a very hard time understanding exactly what it is you're trying to do. Sometimes it seems like it's a chain (A opens B, B opens C and so forth) sometimes it seems you want some random flow (A opens B, B opens A, A opens B, B opens C) - which makes it really hard to give you a specific answer.

What I can do, is recommend that you read up on the following:

Activity Lifecycle

Starting Activities and getting results (in particular the methods startActivityForResult and setResult)

If you need more help than this - you need to explain yourself better (maybe with a diagram or some sample code of what you have tried so far).

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Problem is if I have dynamic classes, which goes one by one (A->B->A->B->A->B) and in your example I am opening from A: B (but not whole, just some quick, then A fully opened and thats all... –  Waypoint Oct 21 '11 at 6:17

prior to start any activity , decide which activity should be start . Lets take your case >>first check for B , if yes check for C , now open the required 1 .

i understand comparable data is inside the activities, but a right data structure will always allow you to access the data wherever and whenever it actually requires .

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You didn't provide any information of what you've tried, so i'll give you the simplest answer:

method startActivity(Intent intent), more info here.

Edit: Hmm, how about this? I don't have SDK around me now, but i can provide a concept. I'm not sure if it works, but i hope it'll guide you to soultion.

Let's imagine this is ActivityA's code:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    if (doINeedActivityB) {
        Intent activityC = new Intent(this, ActivityC.class);
    if (doINeedActivityC) {
        Intent activityC = new Intent(this, ActivityC.class);
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edited. But, even without my insufficient information provided, your reply doesn't say anything about opening of multiple acitivies. Hope the edit, helps –  Waypoint Oct 20 '11 at 8:50
@Waypoint: Check out my edit. –  Moyshe Oct 20 '11 at 9:10

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