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How can I export the content of a stored procedure using a SQL Statement?

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are you exporting the code of the stored procedure or the output? –  Jeremy Apr 23 '09 at 20:13
are you referring to "create" as import and "execute" as export commands? –  TStamper Apr 23 '09 at 20:15

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If by 'Content' you are talking about the code, look into sp_helptext()


Here's a sample based on the old PUBS sample database

USE pubs;
EXEC sp_helptext 'pubs.dbo.byroyalty';

And here are the results

Text                                                                                      --------
CREATE PROCEDURE byroyalty @percentage int
select au_id from titleauthor
where titleauthor.royaltyper = @percentage

BUT, if by 'Content' you mean the results; you can either run the proc with the 'Results to File...' setting, or 'Results in Grid' and right click in the grid, and do a 'Save as...'

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sp_helptext system stored procedure might help.

sp_helptext YourProcedureName

Also I use print to see my generated sql inside a stored procedure, if you're looking for something like it :

DECLARE @sql varchar(100)
SET @sql = 'SELECT * FROM MyTable'

print @sql
--EXEC @sql
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By the content you mean the code?

if so, you can call

EXEC sp_helptext proc_name

Note you can call it also with a view name

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You can query the "sys.sql_modules" catalog view to find the SQL source code for your stored procs and stored funcs:

SELECT definition
FROM sys.sql_modules
WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID('your stored proc name here')


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