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I am looking for a regexp that returns only three matched groups for the string "A :B C:D" where A,B,C,D are words examples (\w+) The following Python code prints unwanted (None,None).

I just want ('A',None) (None,'B') and ('C','D') using one regexp (No added python code for filtering).

for m in re.compile(r'(?:(\w+)|)(?:(?::)(\w+)|)').finditer('A :B C:D'):
    print m.groups()
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This might do the trick:


(\w*)(?::(\w*))? describes the structure you want, but it has a problem that it also matches empty string; thus we have to assure that there is at least one non-space character at the start (which will get matched by the greedy operators), and the lookahead at the start does it.

Edit: wrong paste :)

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almost perfect! I just forgot to tell you that the ":" should not match. So I am using:(?=(?:\w|:\w))(?:(\w+)|)(?::(\w+))? Thanks –  user1004847 Oct 20 '11 at 11:41
Yeah, that'll do it. I'd probably write that condition as (?=:?\w), but now we're talking personal style :) –  Amadan Oct 20 '11 at 16:36
import re

print([m.groups() for m in re.finditer(
    r'''(?x)               # verbose mode
        (\w+)?             # match zero-or-more \w's
        (?: :|\s)          # match (non-groupingly) a colon or a space 
        (\w+ (?:\s|\Z))?   # match zero-or-more \w's followed by a space or EOL
    'A :B C:D')])


[('A', None), (None, 'B '), ('C', 'D')]
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I did not say that only 1 space may separate tokens. finditer should skip them. Take a better string as "A :B C:D : ". –  user1004847 Oct 20 '11 at 11:39

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