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I'm trying to create a simple text file via Flash, and I'm following the code given by Adobe in its help documents:

var file:File = file.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("test.txt");
var str:String = "Hello";
file.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, fileSaved); 
function fileSaved(event:Event):void 

The problem being Flash spits out the error 1406: type not found. I tried to search about this error, and it's usually about movie linkage or tweening. My problem rises from the fact that I use this code:

var file:File

The presence of that code alone causes the error. The SWF exports just fine without it. The type "File" also doesn't appear in IntelliSense. I'm stumped. I think I don't have the proper package, but how come I don't have the proper package?

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The File class is in the flash.filesystem.File namespace so make sure you are importing that if you want to use it. What is probably tripping you up though is the File class is only available when targeting the AIR runtime not the normal flash player runtime. Make sure you are trying this in an AIR project.

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Ah, yes. Thanks. I didn't notice the help's title. It was a help data for Adobe AIR environment. I've tried using Adobe AIR project and it works now. –  Raestloz Oct 20 '11 at 14:09

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