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I'm putting up the same question I asked here in activeadmin's issues board on github: https://github.com/gregbell/active_admin/issues/645


I have two different issues.

1: i love the way active admin handles has_many relationships with a simple DSL like so:

 ActiveAdmin.register Artist do
   form do |f| 
     f.inputs do
       f.input :name
       f.input :description 
     f.inputs "ArtistLinks" do
       f.has_many :artist_links do |j| 
         j.inputs :title, :url


The ability to add more links at the bottom of the form is great.

However,I have been using a wyiswyg which i can't seem to get working in this format. I've been using/adding it with a partial like so:

  ActiveAdmin.register NewsItem do
    form :partial => "/news_items/form"


 <%= javascript_include_tag "/javascripts/ckeditor/ckeditor.js" %>
 <%= semantic_form_for [:admin, @news_item], :multipart => true do |f| %>
 <%= f.inputs :title, :photo, :excerpt %>
 <%= cktext_area_tag("news_item[content]", @news_item.content) %>
 <%= f.submit %>
 <% end %>

However, in my partial, i can't seem to be able to make the has_many relationship nicely like so:

 f.inputs "ArtistLinks" do
   f.has_many :artist_links do |j| 
     j.inputs :title, :url

Could you either explain to me how to get my wysiwyg which uses a form helper cktext_area_tag into my admin resource or explain to me how to get that nice has_many into my view partial?

Thanks a bunch!

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The reason why has_many does not work in partials is because Active Admin tells you to use semantic_form_for when writing your partial. Active Admin extends Formtastic which it uses to generate forms. It does so by creating its own form builder that extends the Formtastic builder and adds, among others, the has_many method. So if you want to use that inside partials you have to use the Active Admin form builder. To do that use active_admin_form_for instead of semantic_form_for.

If you have problems using active_admin_form_for, take a look at my branch which should fix most of the issues (it's still beta - but I'm working on getting it into Active Admin core)

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