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Currently i filter by some option in django's admin interface. For instance lets say i filter by 'By status'. Is it possible to select multiple statuses to filter results from? Here is the screenshot of the filter:

Can i select multiple items from this list?

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Not in the admin UI, but if you modify the URL, you can make the filtering criterion more complex.

For instance, now the URL (after you click on a filter) probably ends with something like


You can change this to


in order to see both statuses a and m. The %2C encodes a comma.

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Thanks for the tip – tejinderss Oct 23 '11 at 6:46

You can also add the following query to the URL of your list display page


for numeric fields. That way you can have a ranged selection. Basically you can use any query you would also use in your code.

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You can also add the following query to the URL of your list page. in my case if i have multiple option.

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