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On this page, I want the main content div - which has an id value of container - to be horizontally centred on the grey background. However I want the black login panel to remain stretch across the entire width of the screen.

In an effort to achieve this, I added the rule:

#container {
    margin: 0 auto;

But it doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?


Thanks for the answers. It was suggested that I fix the problem by removing the max-width from the body and setting a width on the container.

This centres the container, but causes it to occupy all the available horizontal space. What I want is for the container to be centred with a width of (say) 900px, and the grey background should appear in the "empty" space on the left and right of the container.

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you need to specify a width, otherwise the margin won't know how to centre...

like this:

#container {
    width: 960px;
    margin: 0 auto;

EDIT: Also, remove the max-width on your body!!

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The issue is that you have max-width: 960px; on your body element. Non-absolute elements will not size past the boundaries of their parent element.

You should instead be setting max-width (or better width) on the #container element, otherwise the div will automatically size to 100% as it is a block-level element.

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