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Are there any free, third-party libraries for rendering arbitrarily scaled and rotated text in dot-NET applications? Although native GDI+ allows for text scaling and rotation, its methods for determining the rendered text's dimensions are not sufficiently precise and the differences in kerning as text is added to a rendered string make it unsuitable for use in certain kinds of software (such as, for instance, graphics editing software).


  • Native .NET code.
  • Arbitrary scaling and rotation of text.
  • Precise text metrics.
  • Consistent kerning regardless of string length.
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Windows Presentation Foundation provides sophisticated support for typography.

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Unfortunately, WPF is Vista-only. –  Tim Sullivan Sep 16 '08 at 23:47
actually, it is also available on XP SP2 if the .NET Framework 3.0 is installed –  rpetrich Sep 17 '08 at 0:15
WPF is available on all platforms where .NET 3.0 installed –  aku Sep 17 '08 at 4:12
Thanks. That's good to know, and should be useful to other readers. I'm still looking for alternatives, though. I'm using XNA Game Studio 2.0 together with WinForms and don't yet want to move to .NET 3.0. –  Tim Sullivan Sep 17 '08 at 5:02

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