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i was just wondering, if that the applicationIconBadgeNumber have been changed in iso 5 ?

cus when i run my apps in the sim the number works fine, but if run it on my iPhone it´s not showing it ?

i haven't changed my code that was working in iOS 4.3.

int a = [[[UIApplication sharedApplication] scheduledLocalNotifications] count];

application.applicationIconBadgeNumber = a ;

been on google all day .....

Hope you can help

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Most likely because the "Badge App Icon" setting for your app is not turned on in the new Notification Center.


Go to Settings > Notifications. Find your app either in "In Notification Center" section or "Not In Notification Center" section, and tap on it. Then turn on the "Badge App Icon" setting. p/s: it doesn't matter if you app is not in notification center (i.e. Notification Center = OFF); the badge icon setting does take effect nevertheless.

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Wow. Spent about 30 mins furiously changing code before I found this answer. Do I ever feel stupid! Thanks @Lukman! – javajavajavajavajava Jun 11 '12 at 12:22

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