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I've been using Spring JDBC with great success but I am having alot of trouble with this project. I'll post the code links here(it's just a small and silly project to test if I can get it up and running so that I can use Hibernate in the future):

xml-file: http://codepaste.net/uw19zc

main-file: http://codepaste.net/iks1cp

I get tons of errors such as

[Fatal Error] bean2.out.xml:1:1: Premature end of file.
13:21:39,471 FATAL [main] Main  - getAssociatedStylesheets failed

and I haven't created a.out.xml file.

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post the xml and error that you are getting in your question please – Jigar Joshi Oct 20 '11 at 11:41
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This error is due to incorrect parsing of the xml file. Using Eclipse to validate it gives the error:

cvc-complex-type.2.3: Element 'beans' cannot have character [children], because the type's content type is element-only.

There appears to be some strange character in between one or many of those <bean> declarations. Have you copied this text from somewhere else?

Remove all spaces and newline characters between <bean> definitions and put them back with your editor.

UPDATE Copying & pasting into notepad++ the text in the codepaste you provided, and setting the charset to UTF-8 showed these characters in the blank lines: xA0. This is the standard Unicode translation for &nbsp;. This is likely to be the cause of this problem.

This validates ok for me:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
     <bean id="dataSource" class="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource"
        <property name="driverClassName" value="com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" />
        <property name="url" value="jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/HibernateDB" />
        <property name="username" value="HibernateDB" />
        <property name="password" value="java" />
    <bean id="sessionFactory"
        <property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource" />
        <property name="configurationClass" value="org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationConfiguration" />
        <property name="annotatedClasses">
    </bean><bean id="springHibernateOperator" class="hdao.SpringHibernateOperatorImplementation">
        <property name="sessionFactory" ref="sessionFactory" />
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Great answer! Although now something strange happened. When my main method tries to instatiate ClassPathXmlApplicationContext i get exceptions: Exception in thread "main" org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'sessionFactory' defined in class path resource [bean2.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/persistence/Cacheable I do not understand why, haven't i written the xml-file correctly? – why_vincent Oct 20 '11 at 13:00
The same error is discussed here. Make sure you've got the hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final jar in your classpath/maven dependencies. This class is also present in the Java EE 6 api jar. Also, you might want to accept this answer and post another question regarding this matter. – Xavi López Oct 20 '11 at 14:35
You are correct, I solved it but I will accept the answer, thanks =) – why_vincent Oct 27 '11 at 8:55
Same problem, opening your file in a good XML editor will quickly point out where your bad character is – cyber-monk May 8 '12 at 17:19
The Update part works on me. Thanks. – Jianhong Oct 11 '13 at 5:24

If you are in linux, use cat -v file-name.xml to detect special "invisible" characters like 'M-BM-' in your xml file

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Sometimes there are hidden characters in dependencies or some bean definitions, which you copy from some tutorial's website. best way to find out those hidden characters do a `

ctrl + shift + F

this will format your document and you can see that hidden character in between some tag `

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