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Imagine that I introduced an extension method on string type called Shorten() which gets only the first 50 characters and returns it.

If I want to call this method on a GridView's bound field, what is the simplest way of calling it so that on screen I see the shorten version of the message.

<!-- TODO: How to call .Shorten() extension method on the ItemDescription in markup: --!>
<asp:BoundField HeaderText="Items" DataField="ItemDescription"...> 
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Make that column a template column:

<asp:label id="lblItemDesc" runat="server" Text='<%=string.Format(Eval("ItemDescription").ToShorten()))%>' />

And make sure ToShorten takes an object, not a string since Eval returns object.

*Above code not tested but pretty sure is very close.

Another alternative:

Modify your class and add a ItemDescriptionShorten property that would be like this:

public string ItemStringDescriptionShorten { get {return ItemDescription.ToShortern();}}

Now bind to that property instead of ItemDescription

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in the top of the .aspx file, import the namespace in which the class that contains your extension method is:

<%@ Import Namespace="your namespace" %>

and then:

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Items">
                        <%# Convert.ToString(Eval("ItemDescription")).Shorten() %>
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