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I have needed line graph library which supports multi color (most probably three colors) for a mobile application.

Ex: y-axis called Glucose and range of 50 -600, then x-axis date, rage of one month (so always range will be 30 points per day)

Logic: consider x-axis start from

1st and level of glucose is 70
2nd  - 80
9th  - 300
10th – 350
15th – 500
16th – 550
25th – 120
26th – 130

So my graph should be drawn as follows, depend on the glucose level.

50 – 150  - low – and line color should be green
151 – 300 – average – line color should be orange
Above 301 – high – line color should be red

I went through Google Graphs, and jqPlot but seems to unlucky, Anyone experience on this?

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Finaly, I found excellent lib which was solved my issues. called Flot Chart

By assigning threshold value and the logic, we can get different colors to same continue line. There are few examples can be found here.

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