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I am new to DevExpress Controls.

I was studing the ASPxGridView demonstration here. The notes field is a multiline TextBox. I have tried the same code and design as given in the demonstration, but I did not get a multiline TextBox for the notes field.

How can I get a multiline TextBox in as in the demonstration?

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Please provide the code you are using which is not functioning as expected. – user474407 Oct 21 '11 at 6:31

Could you please provide the relevant sections of your .aspx file? Does it include RowSpan="4" in the EditFormSettings of the notes field?

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It is necessary to use GridViewDataMemoColumn, which generates multi-line text box editor – ASPxMemo. Otherwise, use standalone ASPxMemo editor within the required template as it is illustrated in the online demo.

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