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To pass parameters from one activity to another is used the method "intent.putExtra()"

Does this method only allows to add primitive data or I can add a parameter that is a java bean?

if you can not, how I can send a java bean from one activity to another?


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Look at the API entry for Intent. You've got a load of possible data types you can enter, not the least of which is Parcebles, Bundles, and Serializable. If you really want simple object marshalling I would convert your beans to JSON and put it as a String, then convert it back to a POJO on the receiving end.

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You can send objects if they implements serializable.

//At your entity Object:

public class Objeto implements Serializable{


//At the sender Activity:

 //create an instance of the object
Objeto object = new Objeto();
//creates an intent from the current activity to the destiny activity with the data to be     transferred.
Intent proximo = new Intent(this,TelaDestino.class); 
//transfers the object as a bundle to the next activity

//At the destine activity:

private Objeto objeto;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

objeto = (Objeto)getIntent().getSerializableExtra("OBJETO");


//You can use that and be happy :D

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If your object is is Serializable you can add it with putExtra like this.

i.putExtra(String key, Serializable value);

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Another way to share data between activities is extend the application class.

My answer explains how to use it.

getApplicaiton return which object among applicaitons

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