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I'm developing an iPhone tweak with theos. With this tweak I'd like the user to be able to simply move the lock screen out of the way, similar to the move2unlock tweak. But I'm failing at removing the original lock screen. When you move the new lock screen up, for example, you can still see the old one under it. I've been digging my way through the SpringBoard headers and I've tried messing with SBAwayView and SBDeviceLockView, no success. If anyone is experienced with theos and could give me some advice I'd be very grateful.

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what do you mean by move the lock screen out of the way and if you mean a "skip the lockscreen" tweak, then please delete this because this kind of a thing is already made in cydia. –  Trevor Rudolph Dec 7 '11 at 3:23
I'm kind of surprised I randomly stumbled across this (I'm the current developer of Move2Unlock), small world. Anyway, as Trevor said, this has been done many times so I wouldn't suggest hoping for big recognition for doing it. If it's just for your personal interest, go ahead. But I can tell you that where you seem to be stumbling is that you need to actually convince iOS the device has unlocked, you can't just try to hide the lockscreen. –  8BitAce Feb 4 '12 at 6:26

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