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I'm using highstock on my website. The scroll bar in the navigator of stock chart is drawn using SVG. I want to add more data(via ajax) to the graph when user scrolls to the leftmost end.

I am new to SVG and not sure how to detect that user has scrolled to the end and fire a ajax query based on that. Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks, Sivakumar.

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So, today I had the same problem, and I just found your question.

I don't know if you have any reason for loading the new data only when the user moves the scrollbar, I would recommend to fire the ajax query if the user visualizes the left-most data, instead (that is: scrolling the bar, pressing the left arrow, dragging the area of the navigation chart, and so on).

If this solution applies to you, you can try with something like this:

chart = new Highcharts.StockChart({
        chart: {
            renderTo: 'chart',
            events: {
                redraw: function(event) {
                    if (chart.xAxis) {
                        var extremes = chart.xAxis[0].getExtremes();
                        if (extremes && extremes.min == extremes.dataMin) {
                            console.log("time to load more data!");
        }, [...]
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