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How can I build a UITableView styled like in the iPad Settings app? I have already set an similar image as the background image. However, I have no idea how to add two border to a cell or how to change the text shadow on selection.

Best, Philip

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iPad Settings app is a UISplitView app, not just a basic UITableView app. UISplitView is a container containing two separate UIViewControllers, one for left pane, one for right. They are linked to each other by implementing UISplitViewDelegate. UISplitViewController Class Reference can provide you with more information. Hope this helps.

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I know this of course. I want to rebuild the styling of the Table View. –  Ph99Ph Oct 21 '11 at 16:29
maybe, I didn't understand the question properly. What exactly are you looking to duplicate from the Settings App? Left pane of the UISplitView contains a tableview with style UITableViewStylePlain and the right pane contains a tableview with style UITableViewStyleGrouped. What is it exactly that you are having hard time duplicating in your app? –  Bittu Oct 21 '11 at 16:34

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