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Is there a way to use the fullcalendar plugin with a public Google Calendar that only shows busy/free time?

The idea is not only to display only free/busy time, but really to work with a calendar that only shows busy and free time.


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Fullcalendar uses the XML feel of a Google Calendar to create the events. Seeing as the "public but showing only busy/free time" option in Google Calendar does not create an XML feed with sufficient information, fullcalendar can't read it properly. So the answer is: no.

However, there are other ways to do this. Here's what I did (and it works a charm). With Google Cal, you can share your public XML feed, but you can also get your own private XML feed. Using PHP, I worked with the very intuitive and easy Coreylib library to parse the XML. Then I putthe wanted info (startTime and endTime) and in an array. This array was then used when initializing fullcalendar to create custom events.

I'm posting the PHP bit because I really struggled to get the syntax right to fetch data from the clApi object.

// Feed can be grabbed from Google Cal settings -> get private feed, and change the "basic" to "full" at the end of the URL
$XMLfeed = "https://feed";

// Coreylib is used to parse the google cal XML

$api = new clApi($XMLfeed);
$feed = $api->parse();

foreach( $feed->get('entry') as $entry) {
  $start = $entry->get('when@startTime');
  $end = $entry->get('when@endTime');
  $allEvents[] = array('startTime'->$start, 'endTime'->$end);

And then I looped through $allEvents to create events in the JS init.

Hoping this can help someone.

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Been struggling with this for ages. Didn't see the 'basic' on the end! –  Rick Donohoe Oct 15 '12 at 11:11

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