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I have a problem with django formset. I want to validate one field in the formset. I followed these links Django Passing Custom Form Parameters to Formset

and able to create the forms.

but how can i POST my data to formset.

this is my form

class BookingDetailsForm(forms.Form):
    age = forms.IntegerField()

   def __init__(self, trip, *args, **kwargs):
        super(BookingDetailsForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        age = self.fields["age"]
        trip = trip
        print "This prints when formset is created"
    def clean_age(self):
        // want some checking here
        #raise ValidationError('Error msg')
        return self.cleaned_data['age']

and my view is

formset = formset_factory(BookingDetailsForm, extra=number_of_peoples)
formset.form = staticmethod(curry(BookingDetailsForm, trip))
// above two line is working perfectly

Then How can I POST My formset??

formset = formset_factory(BookingDetailsForm, trip, request.POST)// not working

and after posting i want to check age field in clean method.

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1 Answer 1

formset_class = formset_factory(BookingDetailsForm, extra=number_of_peoples)
formset_class.form = staticmethod(curry(BookingDetailsForm, trip))
formset = formset_class(request.POST)
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