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How can I use Robotium to verify that my Activity handles onPause() and onDestroy(), onResume() calls correctly? In my Robotium test I can call stuff like solo.getCurrentActivity().onKeyDown(0, null);

but how can I simulate an activity being destroyed and recreated? I don't see any solo.getCurrentActivity().onPause()
or solo.getCurrentActivity().onDestroy()

methods that I can use? Is this not what Robotium is designed to do?

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Use a test case base class that has access to Instumentation and then use Instrumentation#callActivityOnPause() and Instrumentation#callActivityOnDestroy().

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This will destroy your activity and create a new one:

    getInstrumentation().runOnMainSync(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
    activity = getActivity();

This only works on API 11 and up due to the call to "activity.recreate()". If you don't care about saving / restoring instance state in this test, you could call "activity.finish()" instead, which is available on all versions.

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