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I have an array and want to retrieve only 5 letter words, nothing longer, I have tried to use

$new = preg_grep("/.{5}/", $array);

but that resulted in any word that is at least 5 letters long. I want any word that is at most 5 letters long.

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You need to use the start (^) and end ($) modifiers, so

$new = preg_grep("/^.{5}$/", $array);

However, more efficient might be to just do a strlen based filter:

function len5($v){
   return strlen($v) == 5;
$new = array_filter($array, 'len5');
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Use the regex below to match words from 1 to 5 characters. \b is a word boundary

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That will match in middle of a word as well. You need the word boundary switch I think it's \w

See this: http://www.regular-expressions.info/wordboundaries.html

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Add start (^) and end ($) markers:

$new = preg_grep("/^.{5}$/", $array);
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Your question is not clear. Do you want words that are only 5 letters long, or at most 5 letters long. Those are two separate things.

For the former:

$new = preg_grep("/^.{5}$/", $array);

For the latter:

$new = preg_grep("/^.{1,5}$/", $array);

The ^ and $ anchors mark the beginning and end of the line respectively. If you didn't have markers, you would match a word like abcdef because abcde will match against your regular expression. You want to specify that you want to match against the entire string and not just the part of the string.

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