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I'm building a system that has an e-mail notification feature that will send lots of e-mail's per day (about 10 thousands). So...

What is the state-of-art solution for sending lots of email messages?

The e-mail content is extremely important, so I need a reliable solution.

My main concern is the SMTP server.

This isn't SPAM, of course!

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i think the modern day solution is to use a botnet ;) – Darren Kopp Apr 23 '09 at 22:50
I'm not even sure that tens of thousands of emails a day counts as "lots" anymore... Millions, maybe. – Paul Sonier Apr 23 '09 at 22:52
While this may or may not be spam, it definitely sounds like you are looking for an off-the shelf solution and is not programming related. – Andrew Grant Apr 23 '09 at 23:16
Possible duplicate of How to send 100,000 emails weekly? – JonasCz May 6 at 22:07

The Storm botnet. Get yours today!

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lol, had the same idea. – Darren Kopp Apr 23 '09 at 22:51
lol +1 for humour – Maurice Perry Apr 28 '09 at 19:36

first on your mind should be co=operation with your ISP. Tell them you'll be running a mass-emailer, or you may find at some date in the future that suddenly you aren't. Of course, getting a mailer-friendly ISP could be a good idea.

Otherwise, 10,000 emails a day? That's nothing - use smtp with a quick perl script and you'll do fine, especially if your application has security, user-controlled management features, web interface, statistics and various other features.

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I found this payed SMTP server that handles thousands of e-mail. It is http://bulkemail.smtp.com/

It looks like what I was looking for. Those anyone know other alternatives to this one?

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The e-mail content is extremely important, so I need a reliable solution.

Given that, you need a system that can track the sending of messages, logging errors, retries, etc.

I think you're going to have to consider rolling your own. There should be am email library for your chosen language and platform which should get you started.

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We used the MS SQL server mail functions - doesn't seem to get hung up on the hundreds we do - the only bottle neck is we send each email by itself so we have to loop through hundreds of ids to insert individual rows into the mail que (could have multiple recpt for each mail if you wanted) - actually have that working really fast now

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