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I am using underscore templating to render html on the client side. I am constructing a news feed which contains different types of new feed items that each require a different template. The thing is they all share the same Comments area at the bottom of each feed item. I would therefore only like to template this once but have it rendered in each of the seperate feeditem templates.

What is the best way of including comments inside each feed item without duplicating the comments template inside each of the feed item templates? Should I just run the comments template outside of the main template and append the html after?

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It would be smart to keep the comment template separate, especially considering you should have a model and collection for the comments. The best idea would be to have each template include something like <div class="comments-section"></div>. Then in your backbone.js view, you could have something like this:



    getCommentsEl: function() {
        return this.$('.comments-section');

    addCommentsSection: function() {


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