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My client is using the iPhone Configuration Utility to install builds on their devices. They are asking me for a separate .app and .mobileprovision file. In xCode 4/4.2 whenever I do a build I get a .ipa file. How do I get xCode to spit out the two separately? I tried unzipping the .ipa and sending the included .app file plus the embedded.mobileprovision file from the .app separately. This didn't work.


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The iPhone Configuration Utility works great with *.ipa files.

The *.mobileprovision file is used to code-sign your application. You can create & download it in your Apple-Developer Member Center ( at iOS Provisioning Portal -> Provisioning.

In XCode4 you can use the Archive Build (Project -> Archive). Make sure you use "iOS Device" as platform. After the archiving is finished, the Xcode Organizer opens and you can select the mobileprovision file to sign your app & export your app (via "Share") as an .ipa file.

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generally speaking

.app file

Get your app location using [[NSBundle mainbundle]bundlepath] there you may find .app file there

provision profile

You will have to sign into iOS provisioning portal and download it from provision profile option

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