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this is sort of a follow up of this question that i asked

Backbone.js Inherit Views

but it got kind of messy and now I have a solution I would just like someone to tell me if I'm crazy

what I'm doing is as follows:

dci.Controller = Backbone.View.extend({
    return {
            this.isDestroyed = true;


then I do this to use the controller:

dci.AssetController  = dci.Controller.extend({
    // whatever events here


finally i instantiate as follows:

var controller = new dci.AssetController(someOptions);   

so now on my controller var I have a collection of views and modules that are unique per instance so if I have two dci.AssetCotrollers for some reason ( actually I'm using the same model for modules and this is when you have multiple instances of the same class ) they each have there own collection of views and modules.

this was killing me for a while but I think this will work and I particularly would like to thank Brian Genisio who got me on this track in the above mentioned like.

Now please tell me if this is a crazy pattern. Thanks, Raif

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Well if you are creating a new base view, you should probably stick with View terminology, not Controllers that were previously in backend.. that might confuse someone.

Secondly, I don't see how you are setting isDestroyed.

In general, making hierarchical views sounds good to me (i kept doing it manually so far). Not sure how you use modules variable though. Otherwise, in non-wrapper views I think that is too much extra initialization code.

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The isDestroyed flag is set when you call Destroy on the view ( a few lines down ). Modules I use in situations that are often repeated but require more then one "class" or "view" for instance an Ajax form put in a jquery popup. I have a view for both of those I create a module that takes a url ( for the ajax ), and a set of buttons with corresponding functions. I then create both views. This is not somthing that would be high level like a controller. A controller might have one of these modules, a main view, and a gridview all of which it controlls. – Raif Nov 10 '11 at 16:30

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