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I have my DetailsView bound to get data. It correctly returns 4 rows of information but only displays

Skill : Javascript

I assume im missing some sort of loop to implement it to display

Skill : Javascript
Skill : C#
Skill : Actionscript 3
Skill : HTML

How would I go about implementing it to behave as

Skill : Javascript, C#, Actionscript 3, HTML

If someone could suggest hwo to implement this I would be greatful.

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My issue was fixed with a combination of both responses and changing my SQL makes things much more simple also. Thanks :) – MaxSan Oct 24 '11 at 15:11
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The DetailsView is used to display the details of a single object. You can't bind a collection.

If you want to show a list, use a Repeater, for example.

 <asp:Repeater id="Repeater1" runat="server">
             <table border="1">
                <td> Skill: </td>
                <td> <%# Eval("Skill") %> </td>
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The DetailsView works with records. If you have 4 strings, you can combine them like:

var skills = objects.Select(i => i.Skill);
string skill = String.Join(",", skills);

this.dvw.DataSource = new { Skill = skill };

Essentially, you have to concatenate to one record.

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